Now offering a large selection of personalized printable items for many
occasions in .pdf format.  These items are sent to you via e-mail and
you print them out yourself.  The beauty of this is super fast delivery (within 4 hours)
and it is yours to do with as you please.  Many of our customers make multiple copies
(especially of the birthday chronicle) and use them for party placemats or roll them
up, tie with a ribbon, and give them as party favors.
You can print these on any 8.5" by 11" paper.  Go with regular white or
choose from many designer papers avaiable at any office supply store, Walmart, etc.

For my many repeat customers wondering about the major changes to the site,
please scroll down for an explanation.




I have many repeat customers and feel that I owe an explanation about why the
site has changed so dramatically.
I started this site in 2004 and have truly enjoyed the experience.  I feel that I
have ran across some of the best customers that anyone could hope for. 
It has been a pleasure to serve you and always try to give you the best
products possible.
Okay, here is what has happened.  In 2014 I was diagnosed with bladder
cancer.  We thought we had it whipped but it came back with a vengeance. 
It is now in my lungs, lymph nodes, and pelvic bone.  Things started going
downhill from there as I was forced to use all of my finances for treatments,
etc. and had to stop advertising and using social media to get the word
out about the site.  This caused business to fall off so now it is just me doing the site. 
When I had to start using crutches to get around I considered closing the
site down.  Then I realized that it is one reason for me to keep going
and feel like I am doing something constructive.  Plus, I have customers that have
been with me for over 10 years and I refuse to let them down as long as I can still

send an e-mail.  That is why I went to .pdf's only......it just became to hard to get
to the PO every day.
I hope this wasn't to much information or to personal but I felt the need to explain. 
Anyway, I hope to serve you for at least another year or two.
I appreciate you more than you will ever know and thank you for your
contuined support.